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Feel uncomfortable in crowded places? Do crowds, new situations and people make you anxious and panic? Are you hypersensitive?

These are not unfamiliar terms for most people.

Mental wellbeing is becoming rare, unattainable and precious in our society.

Today, very many people experience anxiety disorders. It is becoming the norm. As a result, a number of misconceptions and myths about mental disorders have emerged.


Although anxiety is anxiety, each person who experiences it has their own story and their own experiences, which make anxiety very specific to each individual and make it seem to the sufferer that it is happening only to them.


It is probably not comforting to say that many people experience it, and sometimes without even being aware of it.

Anxiety is actually a somewhat necessary feeling for humans. It triggers us into action, helping us to unlock our greatest and best performance potential at the right moment. It makes us super alert and vigilant, and brings and activates our inner power. Anxiety often strikes us in new situations where we experience the unknown and unconsciously associate it with danger. The unknown creates the need to be hyper-aware of everything that is happening, to be very alert and ready to react to danger if necessary.

An anxiety disorder is when a person’s brain starts to associate danger in irrational places where there is no real danger.

This disrupts a person’s daily life and activities, such as driving, going to the grocery store, sometimes even walking in daylight, etc.

Out-of-control anxiety can become life-threatening and damaging.


Out-of-control anxiety also increases the capacity for analysis, which is also referred to as “overthinking”. Thus, a person with a strong analytical capacity begins to use this wonderful quality to great self-destructive ends.


What causes out-of-control anxiety?

When a person has been in a state of tension for a long time and suppressed their truth….

Then the body and the subconscious starts to protect itself and every little thing is an overload. The body reacts in a way that makes the person rest.


The human psyche has become super protective, trying to actually force the person to rest, calm down, relax and take care of themselves.

This is a wake-up call, a sign that repressions, experiences, painful experiences, constant betrayals, lack of security, constant proving oneself to others, situations of conflict, self-dissatisfaction, judgements and criticisms have all built up and the body can no longer cope.

What is needed now is a mental reset, a rest, a reconnection with oneself, a finding and strengthening of one’s centre.


While anxiety can be very, very frightening, and there may seem to be no way out of it, or it may feel like a personality trait that you just have to put up with, it can be turned into a force and a blessing very quickly if you work consciously.

The damage that has caused this wound and is causing this feeling of danger and anxiety should be healed.

In the same way, we turn our attention to a term commonly used today – hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity is not bad in itself, it can be valuable if we know how to use it and make it work for us.


” I can’t sleep in the same room as other people, I’m hypersensitive”, it’s an escape and it should be dealt with. A person is not destined to be alone. The common field should not knock us off centre.

When your abilities open up, the aura of others and other people should not become unpleasant to you.

An unpleasant hypersensitivity is when you are no longer able to cope with the common field, with the energies around you, and are no longer centred in yourself.


This is a necessary place of healing.


A truly healed person knows and feels that in this state of hypersensitivity, living in love and with an open heart, no one can attack you and as such it is not difficult for you.


The fact that so many people are experiencing spiritual equilibrium is a sign that collectively there is a great deal of change and cleansing going on at a psychic level. We are entering a new era and people’s true potential is opening up.

It is when you are at your most vulnerable that you are closest to your true power.

Life makes you ‘broken’ so that you can break through the layers you have learned from society, break deeper into yourself and get in touch with your own power, to be truly born again.

If you feel that your anxiety, state of mind and hypersensitivity are out of control and interfering with your life on a daily basis, please feel free to contact Maria Baydar Centre to start an individual journey to your power.