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Overthinking is a phenomenon that many of us encounter throughout our lives. It’s a state where excessive time and energy are spent on analyzing, doubting, and reflecting upon matters and situations. While moderate self-analysis can be useful and necessary, overthinking can lead to negative effects on both mental and emotional well-being. Many of my clients have turned to me with the desire to break free from overanalysis and excessive rumination, which can turn every aspect of life upside down and hinder peaceful evenings of rest.

Those plagued by overthinking tend to fixate on the past and the future, often forgetting to live in the present moment. They constantly worry about potential future events and dissect choices and decisions made in the past. Consequently, life can become stressful and anxiety-inducing, as the individual loses the ability to focus on the present, experience the beauty of life, and enjoy true mindfulness.

Overthinking can also manifest as excessive self-evaluation and self-criticism. Individuals compare themselves to others, constantly seeking validation of their worth. This can lead to a decline in self-esteem and a complete loss of self-confidence. Often, achievements and positive traits go unnoticed, while attention is solely directed toward flaws and shortcomings.

Did you know that overthinking is a personality trait that can’t be directly eliminated? However, it is possible to harness it for your benefit! If you can think yourself into a negative direction, you can also guide your thoughts towards a positive and valuable direction. How can you achieve this? Let me show you! Overthinking can become your number one tool!

To break free from the cycle of overthinking, several methods can be applied. These include recognizing when overthinking arises, practicing the art of living in the present moment, or sharing thoughts with trustworthy individuals. More importantly, finding an activity that allows the mind to rest, unwind, and halt the stream of thoughts is crucial. An indispensable tool for achieving mental balance and inner peace is also the unique techniques of polytherapy.

Maria Baydar has developed her polytherapy method precisely to guide you through the relentless cycle of overthinking. Book a session now by visiting: