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Living in a fast-paced, chaotic world, historically shaped by societal constraints, rules and norms that are detrimental to the human psyche and the full experience of life, humanity has forgotten the true treasure buried in the psyche – the shadow side.

At the individual level, we ignore and suppress our own shadow, so it is easier to teach society as a whole to do the same. We have reached the deepest levels of shadow experience.

Each Soul has come here to walk its own unique journey, to experience the experiences and lessons it needs to grow, but also the pleasures and joys of being human. Why is it then that society is structured in such a way that all the systems that should be supportive, helpful, healing, are instead restrictive, oppressive, fear- and confusion-inducing? The various educational institutions, medicine, entertainment, technological advances and state support systems, etc. – on a deeper level, they are not built to directly support the individual and his or her happy life experience. Instead, they act as a disincentive to true feelings and true being. Misleading to the point of total loss of self-awareness and consciousness.

Kasvavale isiksusele õpetatakse kõike muud, kui oma emotsioonidega toimetulemist. Kõike muud, kui enesearmastust, aktsepteerimist, ehedust, lähedust, hoolimist, loomist, vastutuse võtmist iseenda õnneliku teekonna ees. Rääkimata varjukülje tunnistamisest ja selle valgustamisest. Teda õpetatakse kuuletuma. Kahjustavate mustrite ja programmide sisendamine jätkub täiskasvanud isikutele läbi kontrolliva, aheldava, orjaliku majandussüsteemi, meelelahutuse, meditsiini jms, et isemõtlemisvõime ja kontakt enesega tõeliselt kinni keerata. Seetõttu ongi inimese vari omandanud praegusel ajastul üsna hirmutava ja agressiivse kuju.

Inimkond on jõudnud oma varjukülje kogemise sügavaimatesse soppidesse. Vaadake korra sügavalt, mis maailmas toimub. Milline on ühe keskmise inimese elukogemus? Millised on tema harjumused, tema sotsiaalsus, ihad- tungid, emotsionaalsus, elukulg. Laske see endast korraks läbi…

We can take several different types of people, who seem to live completely different lives, but we still end up with them all experiencing their shadow side to the maximum in this era..

Partying, drugs, selling your body for love, serving society and other people’s needs, escaping into alcohol or overeating, making children for the state, having children – ‘because you have to’, living up to family demands, escaping into spirituality, fulfilling other people’s dreams while forgetting yourself, subservience, externalising, superficiality, creating a false facade of beauty, jealousy, ‘competing with your neighbour’, over-consumption, polluting nature, blaming others for your happiness, running away from yourself, hunger, over-emphasis on materialism, wars, greed, selfishness, ego gratification through sex, rape, running away from sex, addictions, ‘mind-fucking’, lying politically to your own people and between countries, and so on, and so on. … I could go on and on.

We’ve distanced ourselves as far as we can… But you know what – it’s brought us so much closer to ourselves.

All it takes is a small, final, very important breakthrough and we are back at the beginning, in ourselves, in communion with all that exists – the Universe.

The shadow keeps you awake at night

And makes you cry without a reason in the middle of a TV series

The shadow makes you surrender all purpose

Till you vomit from self-pity on the bathroom floor

The shadow plays in your mind with the sweet pain of the past

Makes you call your ex at night

The shadow bounces you between egotistical greed, vengeful hatred and deep self-loathing

And you feel like you’re about to have a heart attack

The shadow frightens you with your self

And tells you that you have no hope

The shadow makes you smile with tears as you read these lines now

And makes you dare to break through it all

Yet the shadow gives you the meaning of life, the will, the desire, the lust…

And the next moment takes it away

He’ll also show you who your friends are

And who is not

Don’t fight the shadow

So it will draw you deeper and deeper into itself

But choose the light?

Are there shadows and light?

Or are they one and the same?

Only humanity can separate shadow from light

Or can it?

The shadow of the human being is the part that we have learned to deny and ignore because it is too unpleasant, painful, unbearable, embarrassing and shameful.The shadow of the human being hides all the repressed emotions, desires, taboos, shame, anger, envy, rage, fetishes, panic needs, fears and other unpleasant and difficult emotions that are difficult to cope with, both for ourselves and for those around us.

That’s why we are taught to fight the shadow endlessly – to suppress it. A shadow is a part of existence (not just human existence, but everything around us) that one perceives as negative, difficult, unpleasant, damaging and/or destructive. Every living and inanimate being has a shadow side, a negative potential – the beginnings of the possibility of a dark scenario. Most interestingly, it is the person who judges the experience or situation, whether it is a shadow aspect or a light aspect.

The shadow side – it’s a mysterious aspect of everyone that we don’t talk about, yet it lurks everywhere.

It’s safe to be comfortable in pain, because then you won’t get hurt. It’s safe to choose pain, to seek justification for your pain, because “every pleasure is followed by pain anyway”.”

Being the darker side of the coin, we need more than ever to be aware of the shadow side of who we are, because it holds enormous potential and power to shape and create a wonderful experience of life.

The trick is that the dual forces are born from one. The extremes always lead us to the middle ground, to balance. The goal is not to be on one side or the other, to be in deep suffering or in an overflowing state of bliss, but to walk in the centre, to experience and rediscover ourselves.

Light and Shadow are in fact one and the same in their essence, a creative force. It is only humanity that separates Shadow and Light on an experiential level and mistakenly thinks they are different. In fact, the same basic force manifests itself differently in different situations to provide the human being with the opportunity to (self) discover, create and grow.

This grand illusion that light and shadow are different forces, or even opposites, is the main reason for the constant war within man, the constant conflicts and disputes with himself, the doubts and the inability to make decisions from the heart. All this is so that we do not recognise ourselves. The war is reflected outwards and creates a collective shadow experience.

The war in the world (understand it however you like) will not end until it ends within us.

Society is built on attitude – let each person see how he or she can manage their own emotions, needs, feelings and dreams. In this respect, man is completely alone. Wilting under various external demands, burdens, external responsibilities, restrictions and standards, each soul nevertheless strives for personal happiness, balance and freedom. This task is extremely exhausting for the majority, because the externally imposed conditions and demands that overshadow the true desires of the heart are subjective, unrealistic and, moreover, absurd.

If we can build a broken system and a society based on tyranny and manipulation, we can also build a healthy, harmonious, free communal existence that protects and transmits human rights and values.

We are living in a critical, transformative, even epic age. What science fiction films have been showing us for years is suddenly coming true. Orwell’s 1984 is no longer just another interesting book.

The shadowy face of man has taken on a terrifying and screaming appearance. The whole shadow aspect of the human psyche, suppressed for centuries, has materialised at every level of society and is screaming in our faces. Mankind has reached the end of an era and can no longer move on from here or create a harmonious new world until each individual, but also mankind as a whole, becomes aware of its own shadow.

All the sufferings and experiences of human history have been brought about collectively because of a long suppressed shadow aspect.

The Creator, the primordial, primary living being, created the experience of the shadow aspect in order for us to meet ourselves, Him and His power. We can experience our power in difficulty and challenge, in moments when we are tested. You don’t know how strong you really are, what you’re really capable of, until you’ve been tested by the different difficulties of life.

You have no idea of your own power until you have to use it.

Shadowing most often manifests itself in situations where something causes us to become very upset or otherwise react negatively. We also find signs of our shadow in dreams, in relationships with other people, in situations we avoid and in actions we postpone. There is also a shadow in the excuses we make, the needs we cannot give up. In judgements and criticisms of ourselves and others.

How can you turn your shadow side into a force so that you can see the light through it, the potential that is already within you?

One very big lesson that my shadow has taught me :Everywhere I go, I face only myself.

The basic law of reflection. This does not only apply to people, but everything around us is a reflection of ourselves and our relationship with ourselves.

The law of reflection could be written into the constitution of every country, because then every citizen, every leader of every country, must take responsibility entirely for himself, and only himself can point the finger of blame for mistakes. That is the reality, but people do not want to admit it.

Shadow work is extremely valuable and necessary in everyone. If we only focus on the bright and good parts of ourselves, we will never heal holistically or reach our true potential. If you want to experience a true breakthrough in your life, an encounter with your power and potential, true authenticity and power, make a gift to yourself, make a decision to choose yourself and participate in the hugely popular event in November 2022. Maria Baydar has been organizing self-development camps for 8 years now, which have stood out precisely for the authenticity and the ultra-fast, lasting transformation that participants experience.