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In today’s intense and changing world, it is vital to pay attention to your own mental wellbeing, doing conscious inner work with yourself to stay balanced, achieve your goals and be happy.

The number of conscious people and those who have been on a journey of self-discovery is growing and this is simply wonderful as it contributes to collective and societal healing.

Today, I want to share with you 13 highly effective self-healing tools that every wayfarer should definitely work through within themselves. It’s not enough if we just try to notice, to analyse in our own minds different situations and past situations. This can often only end in overthinking and deadlock. Why? Because the brain is built to always lead us back to the safe paths we have learned in the past. These same safe paths, however, do not lead us to our dream life and state. That is why we need change, CONSCIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS, concreteness, discipline – so that our souls can be free, so that the brain and ego do not stifle and limit spiritual development and true power. Please do all the above exercises in writing, precisely to give your brain new input and clarity. The exercises in the article also work well to control anxiety disorders.


Let’s get started!


1. Analysis of the past

Rewrite the painful experiences of your past, in the right order. You can also do this on the computer. If you are particularly diligent, rewrite your whole past life in a positive way. As you write, feel yourself clearing away the channel of your past and illuminating the channel with bright energy, so that it no longer touches you. Do this with gratitude, because all the baggage of your past is a blessing sent to you, a gift so that you can grow, evolve, become strong and later share with others the radiant light you have opened within yourself. Attitudes must change! Before you rewrite the past, you can first simply write it down as it was. Analyse it. Why are you the way you are? What events made you this way and who were you before? What value have you gained from these painful experiences. You can’t lie to yourself that you didn’t have them but you can make them work for you!


At the end of your analysis of the past, write a vision of the new you. This means: What kind of woman/man do you want to grow into through all these events? Who do you want to be? Who will you be in the FUTURE? What do you want to be, what kind of partner do you want to be, how do you relate to yourself and others, what are your beliefs and values, etc? Write down everything that is important to you – your whole personality vision, your new identity.


2. Monitoring emotions

Start monitoring your emotions. Keep a mental diary where you record your dreams, feelings, emotions, lessons learned, etc. Divide the page into seven sections and continually record your feelings, emotions, thoughts, triggers, etc. on a daily basis. Analyse where these triggers and painful emotions come from and what you react to. At the end of the week, take stock of everything that has happened within you during the week. This way you should keep track of yourself for a minimum of three weeks, even if you get bored. Eventually, you will find that this kind of journaling becomes therapeutic and begins to dissolve and release those difficult emotions. Even if the same emotions keep coming up, keep noticing. This is a very active work with yourself, and as a result you will understand what is really going on in your subconscious. On this basis, it is much easier to start clearing, dissolving and reprogramming because of the clarity and awareness you have gained.


3. Gratitude I

Write down 20 things you are grateful for in your whole life. You can also use your spiritual development journal for this purpose.


4. Gratitude II

Every day, write down 10 things you are grateful for or that were positive. It sounds pretentious and boring, but do it! It will program your brain to think differently and only manifest positive experiences. If you’re completely balanced, happy with yourself and your life, you can skip this task! Gratitude exercises are important because they reprogram your brain to notice and focus on other things in life. This reprogramming is extremely important!


5. Mirror exercise

Now the most effective and my favourite exercise. It has helped thousands of people out of very difficult mental states and helped them to regain a strong connection with themselves. If you dedicate yourself, this exercise will have wonderful results! You can do this exercise very creatively – with or without candles, in any moment, in any way. There is no wrong way to do it. The only rule is that you don’t leave the mirror until you’re in a heightened and better state. Make a circle of white candles in front of a large mirror from which you can see yourself fully. Tea candles work well for this purpose, and it doesn’t matter how many candles are in the circle. Sit in the middle of the circle, in front of the mirror, completely naked. And just look at yourself, look yourself in the eye, talk to yourself in HIGH VOICE. Don’t just stay in your mind, because then awareness and conscious contact will stop.


Talk about your feelings, your experiences, your thoughts. Common reactions are crying, self-hate, insecurity, etc. Allow yourself to express everything. Be yourself and don’t betray yourself. When you let all these feelings out, you will come to know and feel in front of the mirror how important and important you really are to yourself! This is the moment of taking back your power! This is an extremely important exercise because it reconnects you to your soul and to your higher powers. Don’t hold yourself back in any way, let go of all emotions, feelings and thoughts. Just be and communicate with yourself. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times a week to start with, if you feel that contact with yourself is particularly fragile. In this case, active cleansing and reconnection will take place.


Later, use this exercise on an as-needed basis when a challenge comes up in life.


6. Get your life in order

Write down what needs to change in your life. Write down even the smallest changes that need to be made so that you are truly living YOUR LIFE and not serving other people.

Make sure that all your actions resonate with your inner truth. Whether you want to exercise more, get your diet under control, or swap a hobby that your friends like for one that you like? Whatever it is. Or more time for yourself, reading your favourite books or taking a new course. Give it a go! Live a life truly your own!

This can be hard to do at first, when you’ve wrapped yourself up in a pattern of serving others. But start small and work your way up, so that you can eventually take full control of your life. Be specific and precise in your wording – what, when and how you will make changes.


Write down your future goals, dreams, plans. THINK BIG! Let yourself go, believe in yourself, trust yourself. Don’t forget to include as a goal that you want to reach complete inner balance and peace, to access higher abilities and knowledge. Another goal could be to achieve neutrality and softness of complete inner confidence. Write down all the goals, activities, dreams that are necessary for your spiritual development and that would give you more inner strength. Then, strengthen your faith, release your doubts and look at these goals with the view that the movement and process towards them has already begun. Ask yourself what you can do from now on to move towards them. Don’t tense up and beat yourself up. Enjoy the movement and do it with joy! It’s not the result that matters, it’s the grace with which you get there! It shows you are ready to achieve your desire or goal.

Don’t push and fight anymore! If certain situations came into your life, it follows that you have to learn from them, and this is necessary for your further higher development! Thanks to this, you will become strong and rise higher! Whenever a difficult emotion comes up or you feel powerless, repeat to yourself a new attitude and replace the old, struggling state of being with the indomitable and impeccable fighting spirit of a warrior!


7. How and how much do you let other people lead you?

Today’s society is built on a slavery mentality and its entrenchment, systems of servitude and subordination. Therefore, it is very easy for submissive and victim-like feelings to come without the person noticing them, because that is the normal way to live and behave! It is then that a person begins to earn love, recognition, attention, approval, and personal worth by fulfilling other people’s egoistic desires, in other words, by thoughtlessly sharing his or her life force. Such people are very easy to control by others. In this way, you can completely forget your true nature, your personal heart’s desires and goals.

Many people feel that if they give their all to please others, they will be treated better and feel more valuable. By doing this, they are dragging themselves deeper and deeper into the abyss, becoming more and more unhappy and empty, because they are simply giving their power away to others and increasingly forgetting their true nature and power.

Be careful not to let yourself be driven by other people’s desires, dreams, goals and emotions. Be the leader of your own life! Do only for yourself, create for yourself and then share with others!


8. How much do you go against yourself every day?

Going against yourself is again about serving others, hiding who you are and earning recognition and attention. Then there’s treating your own body – your daily diet, exercise, rest, etc. – and then there’s taking care of yourself. Make sure your attitude towards your goals, your personality and your appearance is full of respect, determination, faith, love, softness and concreteness. If you want to create something in your life, you don’t need other people’s support or approval. Start consciously noticing those moments in your writing when you go into conflict with yourself. When you become aware, you can change.


9. How much do you deny yourself?

How often do you use these expressions in your speech: can’t, don’t, can’t, what about me… These expressions make your body feel that you don’t believe in yourself, that you are constantly doubting and insecure. Self-doubt causes you to go against yourself. You signal to your body that you don’t accept yourself, you suppress yourself, and by denying yourself you shut down your inner strength and creativity. As a result, the outside world starts to reflect your inner denial back to you and sends only negative signals – saying no to everything you try to do or undertake. This means it’s time to rethink your attitude towards yourself!


10. Your inner dialogue

Internal dialogue is what creates our reality. Often, we let ourselves be unknowingly distracted by the negative beliefs that lie there. Therefore, it is important to monitor whether our inner dialogue is more positive or negative in tone. The ultimate goal is to achieve complete neutrality in our inner dialogue. In this way, you create balance and harmony in your life. If a person is constantly bouncing between positive and negative emotions and judgements, it is very difficult for him to find peace of mind, happiness and contentment in his daily activities and relationships. Every positive upturn is always followed by a negative downturn. Therefore, make sure that these ups and downs are very close to neutrality, so that you can cushion your fluctuations and maintain balance.


11. How aware are you of yourself on your life map?

It’s important to be aware from time to time of what you’ve experienced and how it has shaped you. Where you are, where you are going and what you want to achieve. Through this, you will be better able to identify your bottlenecks and know what you need to work on to create a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones. The best way to work through these points is to get back to writing, or discussing them out loud in front of a mirror!


12. Who am I really?

This is a question I recommend asking in front of the mirror, looking at yourself in the eye. The answer does not come in words, but in feeling. Ask it, and then remain quiet, calm within yourself. Feel the answer within yourself. Feel who you really are!

You can put it into words for yourself later if you wish, but the truth is that we are all so subtle that putting it into words takes away its specialness and its power.

It’s okay if you can’t connect with that feeling right away. Give yourself time and don’t give up. We’ve been so repressed and fearful for so long that a really strong knowing and feeling of who we are can’t just burst out of us with joy.

The point of this question is, who am I really without all these people, judgements, experiences, knowledge, roles and definitions?

These points will help you to get a clear picture of the person you have grown into through life. But that’s not really the point. The most important question to ask yourself throughout your life is. You don’t have to, and you can’t, search for yourself because you are already yourself. All you can do is to know yourself and then make the decision to grow further.