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What is creation?

Creation is the process where the non-material part of us manifests or materialises into the material world. In other words, our desires, dreams, goals, energy, thoughts and feelings materialise from the energetic level into our physical world – experience.

Creation can be conscious or unconscious. With every thought, word, decision, action or movement we create our reality. Creation never ends. Now it’s just a question of how to CONSCIOUSLY create what we truly desire.

Unconscious creation can be based on our fears, damaging habits, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts – we are thereby creating a reality we do not want to experience, completely unconsciously. This is what happens when a person does not acknowledge or has not worked through their past and the blocking programmes of their inner world.

Unconscious creation can also have a positive side, e.g. positive habits, behaviours, beliefs – with all of these you can create many pleasant things in your life.

The keys(influencers) of conscious creation, consciously observing and using will bring great success:
1) words
2) thoughts (visualization)
3) Choices
4) Decisions
5) inner speech
5) self-assessment
6) attitude towards oneself and situations

If we can consciously manage these keys, then conscious creation will begin to happen, or the creation of what I want in my life.

In order to consciously and effectively create all that we truly want, we need to let go of all the internal and external obstacles that keep us from keeping the screw all the time towards what we want to achieve. One of the keys to conscious creation is consistency, unwavering faith and trust, inner certainty in the face of external distractions. It is very important to ask myself why I want something (what is the motivation behind my desire/goal). To ask myself if my desire is motivated by fear, addiction, pain, lack or the opposite – love, gratitude and peace. Often desires do not come true and life tests us when our desire is driven by the wrong intention, which is why it is important to get clear about what I want and why. The more thoroughly we become aware of this, the better.

But if you don’t know what you want, you need to expand your world/life – meet new people, learn something new, experience something you’ve never experienced before. You have to be completely open to everything new in life.

Effective manifestation tricks:

1. Surround yourself everywhere with symbols of creation.
For example, put the password you want to create (Cash500) or put a picture in your wallet, pictures/letters on the fridge, create/sketch a picture board of dreams, goals, wishes etc. Visit places that remind you of achieving a dream. Surround yourself completely with what you want to create in your life.

Visualization is so important because the brain can’t understand what is made up or what is real. It is through visualisation that we create our reality. Visualize how your want you already have. Create what you want to experience. Rectify your inner world. Creation is from the inside out.

3. Gratitude
Be grateful for all the opportunities and everything life brings you. This will bring to you very strongly all that you are grateful for. Where there is, there will be more.

4. Keep your shadow
Anything you don’t want to deal with (fears, patterns, thoughts, anger, sadness, damaging and limiting beliefs). If you don’t tame your shadow and your ego, it will sabotage your creation all the time and all the time.

Every day we have the CHOICE of how we do something. There are thousands of choices. At any moment, we have the opportunity to make a choice that will change our lives. You have to find solutions, not excuses, and start making informed choices and doing things a little differently than you have done in the past.

Form a system of habits that are supportive and beneficial. Create habits in your life that support you in creating the life of your dreams (e.g. sleep routine in place, eating right, 30min a day to yourself, etc.).