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What is the secret of love?




Is it a hope we only long for and have never experienced?




I think that Love is the essence of the Soul, or of You. But in order to incarnate to experience different emotions, we have become detached from our essence from time to time. We go off centre and lose connection with ourselves.




Being in touch with your essence you are 100% present in the experience of Love. We feel love for others, for pets and children, for nature and wildlife, for ourselves. But as soon as we move away from our essence, we start to earn love. This, however, leads to pain, frustration, fear, hopelessness, mistrust, loneliness – because we are disconnected from our centre and disconnected from our connection.


We get hurt and think that love is something that always comes with pain. We fall into patterns that are only experiential, not the reality of the nature of love.




Love comes into your life from within! Love is inside you. You are love! Love never runs out, even when you feel like it is completely gone and you are trying to escape the pain.




Sometimes it takes a breakdown of the assembly to remind ourselves what we are really made of. To do the work that isn’t real work. To hope for hopes that aren’t real hopes. To live a life that is not real life. To love love that is not real love.


Why? To become who I really am.


Often we only want to make the RIGHT choices. We try to avoid the WRONG at all costs. In fact, the FALSE shows you what is your RIGHT, your truth and your reality. Without the Lie, we would not know, understand, feel, or reconnect with our soul essence.




At some point, when we have experienced enough of these other feelings that are possible in embodiment, we immediately start looking for a way back to ourselves. Back to love, because that is our natural state. Experiencing our essence in embodiment is a powerful experience that heals the whole world!




But once you’ve made the decision and allowed the changes within you, once you’ve reprogrammed yourself back into the wave of love, you can begin to notice significant changes in your life.


When you bring yourself into the frequency of love, when you learn to see, to feel and to perceive your world through love, you will not only be able to receive it for yourself, but you will have a tremendously powerful recognition of the feeling of love. You recognize yourself! You get in touch with your Higher Being. Your energy will automatically start to attract love from outside.


You are perfect and wonderful from birth! As you grow up, your preciousness and perfection will not fade! You don’t have to prove yourself or earn love.




When you realise this, the reality around you changes. Situations and people’s attitudes towards you will change. It’s all your own inner sound guiding you to a new and higher wave in your own life.




When we close our door to love, faith, hope and trust disappear. But you are not only closing that door to the whole world, but to yourself. To your own happiness and harmony.


This is why it is of the utmost importance to start healing your life through self-love. Because the outside reflects the inside. The way the world treats you is the way you treat yourself.


HOW can I start to love myself again? Today I’m sharing with you the first steps to regaining self-love. What causes self-love to disappear in the first place? It happens when a person constantly betrays themselves. They don’t keep their promises, they get in conflict with themselves, they constantly put the well-being of others before their own, they say yes when they want to say no, etc. What are the moments when you betray yourself on a daily basis? Where do you go into conflict with yourself? Write down all of these moments so that you can create awareness and your brain can make connections between the situations in which you are behaving in a self-harming way and the situations that need to change.

Going against oneself is also self-criticism, nagging, negative talk. Try to listen and, if necessary, write down the story you are telling about yourself. How much do you criticise yourself? Is this opinion of you really your opinion or is it a story that has been instilled in you at some time? You don’t have to accept it or agree with it. You write a new story for yourself, your Self-Image of who you really are and how you want to feel.




Find a quiet place, sit down, try to calm down and take a few deep breaths, and then ask yourself one simple question: “What do I need to do for myself to take care of myself with love today? What can I do to feel better today?”

By doing so, you take responsibility for your own well-being and start giving yourself what you lack. In this way, self-love can be healed, and you begin to build and strengthen the foundation of self-love – by taking responsibility and filling yourself with what you crave.


The important thing is that you think in detail about what you need most for yourself at the moment and what can you do for yourself? This answer or desire does not have to come from opportunities offered or imposed by society. It doesn’t have to be reasonable, but something that you really and truly need right now. Just know that the answer is within you! Only a firm decision and consistency will lead you to that contact and you can experience the longed for and perfect love that is easy, simple, flowing, natural and understandable. Without drama inside you or between people. Because that’s love!

While this may seem like an easy task, many have inner reflections, fears and shame that will immediately come up at that moment. Just put them away. Every day you put off this action is a delay that prevents you from meeting yourself! You have nothing to lose, only to gain and make life a wonderful experience!