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Shamanic work: Restoring parts of the soul

Reostre the lost power and vitality of missing soul parts

Restoring the soul and restoring vitality

Soul parts are lost through traumas, experiences, strong extreme emotions, where we experience very strong and unbearable pain. Often soul parts get stuck in parallel worlds and we can no longer reintegrate them back into our own being or even overcome them, because they may have existed in previous lives.

A person who has been through a lot is bound to have left a lot behind and given a lot away. Then I may feel that I no longer know who I am, what I want, what is right and wrong, where to go and how to go on. I am not in touch with my soul.

Disappearance of soul parts

There can be a number of reasons for the loss of soul parts, often linked to specific traumas – such as incest, abuse, separation, the loss of a loved one, major surgery, road traffic accidents, serious illness, childbirth, abortion, war-related stress, drug addiction, childhood suffering and all sorts of other experiences. The soul is lost when a trauma causes a part of our vitality, our soul, to be separated. This helps a person to survive trauma by preventing the pain it causes. Often the pain and horror of the situation is so great that the soul simply escapes the body. The experience of trauma is completely different for each person. What one person understands as trauma may not cause pain at all for another. Any event that is perceived as traumatic can cause the loss of the soul.

When the soul is lost, it can cause many different kinds of suffering:

  • recurring painful patterns and experiences
  • illnesses (including incurable illnesses)
  • a feeling of being out of touch with your life force, your power.
  • lack of energy
  • loss of memories
  • a sense of not being able to access your full potential
  • loss of self-awareness, cognition
  • unreasonable fears and other feelings that cannot somehow be overcome
  • feeling that you cannot help yourself
  • (chronic) depression
  • etc

Recover lost soul parts

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