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Coaching: Restore yourself

Through years of experience, Maria Baydar has developed a unique and practical way of counselling that helps people to become the best version of themselves and self-therapists. After the sessions, the client has acquired valuable skills and self-healing techniques that can be used in any situation that challenges them in life.

Psychological counselling and polytherapy

In the session, we will address the issues and concerns that are important to you and find a workable solution through a practical approach.

If necessary, we will create a personalised plan for you and continue with the sessions until you have reached your session goal.

Removing harmful forces

In the removal of harmful forces procedure, I go on a journey to see what has caused the condition in a person and remove the root cause. I then proceed to remove the harmful forces from the body through a shamanistic method that is very intense and powerful.


A person's power (or power animal) stays with them until they are 9-10 years old. After that, the progeny starts to change every 2-3 years. There are some exceptions when the creature stays with the person for life. If a person is nervous, restless, unbalanced, sleeps badly, feels drained of vitality and emptiness, this is a sign that his or her power is changing. The creature is restless and keeps moving away from the person until at some point it stops coming back.

Restoring parts of the soul

Soul parts are lost through traumas, experiences, strong extreme emotions where we experience very strong and unbearable pain. Often soul parts get stuck in parallel worlds and we can no longer reintegrate them back into our own being, or even find them, because they may have existed in previous lives.

Spiritual counselling and channelling

During the session, you will get answers to specific questions about the past, present and near future. We will discuss your concerns and questions, and together we will find a practical solution.

Activation of destiny

The Destiny Activation Procedure is extremely powerful and only for those people who are prepared to truly break through predetermined obstacles, recurring patterns and suffering. It is a powerful process of liberation and total life transformation. Have you ever wondered why you fail time and time again to tackle a lesson? No matter how hard you try, you are pulled back into the old pattern like a rubber band.

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My passion is to help people manifest their hidden unique potential