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Life-coach, trainer, writer

My passion is to help people manifest their hidden unique potential.

I will stand with you on the path to creating a conscious life!

My passion is to help people reach their unique potential.

I will stand with you on the path to creating a conscious life!




Self-management and mental well-being strategist

Helping you make the most of life and consciously create what your soul desires!

"Standing beside you on the path to creating a conscious life"

Maria Baydar is a coach, trainer, motivational speaker, writer, dream life and mental wellbeing strategist and self-development coach with 11 years of practical experience. She has mentored thousands of people in Estonia and abroad, helping them to unlock their true potential, passion for living and awareness.

Maria has established Estonia's most popular therapy centre, the Consciousness Therapy Centre and developed an international wellbeing retreat centre near Haapsalu.

People turn to her with various problems and challenges - health concerns, relationship problems, work and self-fulfillment issues, depression, anxiety disorders, childhood traumas, etc.
Maria has published 3 books in Estonia. She has developed a unique self-regulation method called "Baydar's Polytherapy," which is truly effective and in-depth practical work with oneself. Maria's passion is to work with people's shadows and help them heal through shadow work.

She also works with companies and leaders who want to provide their team with a strong development experience, connect them and motivate them to work towards a common goal.


My mission has been, and will continue to be, to help create clarity, courage, passion, motivation and self-awareness in people and society. I want to help people make the most of their life experience and teach them how to create more joy, balance, happiness and value in their lives.

My personal journey has given me various difficulties and trials. I have always known my purpose in life and the potential I have been given since I can remember. All of this has made my life's journey easier, but on the other hand more difficult. I am very grateful for all the challenges and lessons (and believe me, these experiences have been the kind that most people only see in movies) because it has made me ME and given a strong bag of knowledge to heal lives.

"I have dedicated my life to guiding people through life's experiences, physical and emotional difficulties. My greatest passion is to see and experience people discover their true potential and learn how to harness it to create the best happiness in their lives. In each one of us, this unique power exists - without exception!"