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Maria Baydar in the media

Estonian interviews, articles, podcasts article (Estonian)

“With an exotic twinkle in her eye, Maria Baydar is able to make you listen and watch in an elegant way. She is on a mission to help sort out people’s world view or inner experiences to get closer to true contentment and happiness.”

"Ausad Naised" podcast #92 (Estonian)

“We have a new show with Maria Baydar, a therapist, trainer, writer, mental wellbeing strategist and practitioner and coach with 11 years of practical experience working with people. The show was fun, honest, serious, humorous – in other words, very versatile! “

"Puuduta Mind" brodcast #263 (Estonian)

“Journalist Sirje Presnal, who is dedicated to mystical and sometimes also secular topics, and Anu Saagim, creative director of Õhtulehe’s web show “Touch Me”, will be joined this time by Maria Baydar – a therapist, motivational speaker, motivational speaker, writer, shamanism practitioner, dream life and spiritual wellbeing strategist and self-development teacher with years of practical experience.” article (Estonian)

“The most scandalous and painful love story in Estonian television history has ended. After the dramatic events, we invited Maria Baydar, therapist and trainer, and Raido Rõivas, trainer and coach, to the last episode of The Married Beauty Reacts to look back at the finale and the scandalous exchange of words in Pärnu.” article (Estonian)

“Trainer and coach Maria Baydar shares four book recommendations to help change lives for the better. The books offer practices and tips on how to make a difference in different areas of life.”

Interview with Maria Baydar (Estonian)

“What does tantra bring to self-development and how does it support growing as a couple. The mystical Maria Baydar answers these questions and more.” article (Estonian)

“Trainer and coach Maria Baydar says that life chose her to do what she is doing now. She explains that for as long as she can remember, she has been very interested in strategies and methods to end mental suffering, break through internal barriers and achieve dreams.”

Õ article

“Maria Bayder, the founder and director of the Mindfulness Therapy Centre, is approached by people with out-of-control anxiety, panic attacks, excessive overthinking or burnout, which in turn lead to other health problems: stress, fears about the future, lack of contact with themselves. As a consequence, relationships and self-fulfilment suffer, joie de vivre and ambition are lost, depression sets in, high emotionality and hypersensitivity.” article (Estonian)

“In previous interviews, Maria has revealed that she has been working with the spiritual sphere since childhood and that these gifts may come from a Turkish father whose ancestors were also healers, and that her greatest collaborator is her mother Kristiina, who is also a therapist. To Telegram, Maria will talk mainly about her current journey.”

DALÍ PODCAST #50 (Estonian)

“Maria Katariina Kuusing is a therapist, founder and director of the Centre for Consciousness Therapy, writer, practitioner of shamanism and lifelong clairvoyant. She has led groups and counselled thousands of people in Estonia and abroad. In addition, he has developed a unique therapeutic method – Polytherapy – which is the result of years of practical experience and work combining science. You can learn more about his knowledge in two other books: ‘The Hidden Witchcraft of Modern People’ and ‘The Conscious Living Masterclass’.”

"Terevisioon" broadcast (Estonian)

Maria Katariina Kuusing and Edgar Gergel comment on the issues of the day

"Õhtu!" broadcast (Estonian)

“”Evening!” An empowered mother and daughter expose Jüri’s secrets with Maria Katariina Kuusing and Kristiina Kuusing.”

"Through the summer with Taavi" programme (Estonian)

In his new summer show, Taavi Libe travelled to Viljandimaa, where the famous shaman Maria Katariina Kuusing holds a camp and promises to cast people’s shadows over them. Taavi tries to see if he too can get cleaner.

"Married beauty reacts" broadcast (Estonian)

“The most scandalous and painful love story in Estonian television history came to a dramatic end. In the last episode of “The Married Beauty Reacts”, the show was hosted by therapist and trainer Maria Baydar and trainer and coach Raido Rõivas, who also discussed why women often like unavailable men.”. article (Estonian)

“Trainer and coach Maria Baydar was sitting in an Osho International Meditation Ashram writing her book, The Conscious Living Masterclass, frustrated that none of the theories on the meaning of life she had heard so far gave her a satisfying answer or a right feeling in her heart. “ article (Estonian)

“Trainer and coach Maria Baydar writes in her book “The Conscious Living Masterclass” that the most destructive force is comparing yourself to others. Often we seek self-satisfaction and self-acceptance in an attempt to fulfill society’s ideals of womanhood, but nowadays more of citizenship.”