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Today’s fast-changing world has a strong impact on the human psyche. As the world changes and evolves, so do people’s nature, perceptions, values, psychology and psyche. Mental well-being is the foundation of a happy human being. Without inner clarity and inner order, a person is chaos and experiences life in dark tones. In a changing world, methods of maintaining mental health must inevitably adapt. Long conversations and years of self-analysis are not suitable methods of restoring mental wellbeing for everyone, although they are highly effective in a prophylactic sense, bringing new connections and insights. Rather, people are looking for a practical therapeutic experience in their lives, something that can be applied immediately, that will bring visible results and teach them how to manage their lives successfully and happily. If a person comes to therapy just wanting to talk, they are probably not ready to do anything about their suffering. In such a situation, however, a person can be offered the opportunity to explore their inner world and to understand themselves better through reflection until they are ready to take real steps to resolve their situation. In such cases, conversation is the best medicine, which is also offered by polytherapists as support. We live in a world where the spiritual and the material increasingly work together – the strengths of the two worlds meet and can create a new holistic level. In polytherapy, the spiritual and the spiritual, and the practical and the material, are strongly linked to create lasting change from therapist to client.


The method of polytherapy is built on practical, simple, but highly effective techniques, while retaining spiritual value and depth, where the person in need can unravel the complexities of their inner world in the midst of any spiritual or life challenge. Most importantly, polytherapy is PRACTICAL work with oneself. Logically sequenced, yet personally tailored, the practical exercises create clarity and confidence, resulting in a person finding solutions and answers entirely on their own. Polytherapy works on the principle of Clarity Creation = Solutions Polytherapy is a unique therapeutic method, born out of the combination of many years of practical therapy experience and science. What sets it apart is its practicality and its clearly applicable techniques, which draw on knowledge from biology, psychology, physics, spirituality and anthropology.


What does the polytherapy process look like? In the first session, the therapist will get to know the client’s condition, inquire about their challenges and goals for therapy. Together, deeper patterns and unconscious programs, obstacles and resources are explored and new health goals are set. At the end of each session, the therapist will give the client a tailored set of polytherapy-specific self-management and self-therapy exercises, according to the client’s problem and the goal of therapy, to do for a week or two until the next therapy session. The most important part of polytherapy is the client. In order to take responsibility for their own mental health, well-being and management of their lives, they must complete the exercises and milestones designed in therapy, which produce amazingly rapid results. The therapist supports and guides on a journey of self-healing, and through reflection helps to unravel soul wounds, deeper unconscious patterns and also the potential that lies within the individual.


Which issues can be helped by polytherapy?

– Anxiety disorders, panic disorders

– Different forms of depression

– Burnout, prolonged stress condition

– Self-esteem

– Self-esteem

– Healing relationships with others and with oneself

– Finding inner potential

– Healing childhood patterns and traumas

– Restoring vitality and energy

– Mental imbalance, emotional instability

– Restoring joy and zest for life

– Finding your own path

– Grief processes

– Addictions

– Fears

– Desire to learn to manage yourself and your life to maximum success

– Desire to achieve a definite goal and to master the resources of your inner world


Polytherapy supports all forms of self-management and is not opposed to any other therapy or psychological support service.

If you feel that you need personal support in your experience, Maria Baydar and her trained therapists are there for you with their unique methods of polytherapy!

Creator of polytherapy

Maria Baydar is a therapist, trainer, writer, mental wellbeing strategist and practitioner and coach with 11 years of practical experience working with people. She is the founder of the Estonian School of Conscious Therapists, the Centre for Consciousness Therapy and the creator of a unique and universal therapy method – polytherapy. She has guided thousands of people in Estonia and abroad, helping them to unlock their true potential, passion for living and awareness.

Maria on polytherapy: ”I have developed therapy sessions in practical psychology where I guide people to be their own best therapist. In the session, I teach the client psychological self-management tools, practices and exercises developed over the years, designing a plan of action according to the client’s distress that they can use through life in the midst of any challenge. My clients achieve breakthroughs and lasting success with astonishing speed. All they need is a commitment to themselves.