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Shamanic work: activation of destiny

Healing and releasing the destiny of the past life, activating a new power.

Activating a new force

The Destiny Activation Procedure is extremely powerful and only for those people who are prepared to truly break through predetermined obstacles, recurring patterns and suffering. It is a powerful process of liberation and total life transformation. Have you ever wondered why you fail time and time again to tackle a lesson? No matter how hard you try, you are pulled back into the old pattern like a rubber band. Just when you start to make progress on something, you’re back at the start of the poster again. Maybe you’re dogged by a lifetime of chronic health problems, or there’s always something blocking your path. Obviously, such leaders are dealing with a past life destiny that is stuck. In this case, you will never truly live your destiny and you will never truly be born yourself.

Fortunately, the destiny of the previous life can be resolved and released, and a true destiny can be activated that is never worse than the present. It’s always better, and it helps you get closer to your true potential!