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Shamanic work: empowerment

A shamanistic healing session to restore your strength and vitality

Restoring strength and vitality

A person’s power (or power animal) stays with them until they are 9-10 years old. After that, the progeny starts to change every 2-3 years. There are some exceptions when the creature stays with the person for life. If a person is nervous, restless, unbalanced, sleeps badly, feels lifeless and empty, this is a sign that his or her power is changing. The creature is restless and keeps moving away from the person until at some point it stops coming back.

If new power is not brought into a person, they will be plagued by all kinds of damaging energies, illness, emotional imbalances, etc. He is vulnerable and defenceless. Physically as well as mentally. If a person is already sick, it is a sign that the force has left him. A person can have up to two powers, so if you already have one – come on, let’s get another one! It is an extremely powerful feeling! At the end of the feeding, I’ll teach you how you can take care of and cooperate with your power.

Restore and improve the energy system

Sessions can be conducted by phone, online, in Haapsalu, Tartu or in Tallinn. Find a suitable therapist, get in touch and book a session.