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Shamanic work: removing harmful forces

Cleansing and healing the energy body of harmful, foreign destructive energies and energy blocks

In a malignant power removal procedure, I go on a journey to see what has caused the condition in a person and remove the root cause.

A harmful force is any force that is alien to us. Every day we live in a common energy soup and we are constantly exchanging energies with each other. We may find ourselves unknowingly transferring damaging energies to each other, or we may be grabbed at a vulnerable moment by energetic beings that feed on human vitality.

There is no need to be frightened, it is not something sinister, rather it is normal. People are often simply unaware of it because we cannot see the energetic world and therefore do not know how to deal with it.

After the harmful force has been removed, it is essential to bring back the lost force, because if the person had had the force with him originally, he would not have become ill in the first place, and would not have let the foreign force into his body.

The force has to be brought back so that the harmful one does not get back into the person’s energy system and the person recovers, is strong, vital, healthy.

The session is performed by shamanic practitioners trained by Maria Baydar and by Maria herself.