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Meet the team

Maria is supported by her team of trained therapists who guide you on a personal healing journey.

All therapists have been trained and practiced by Maria and have mastered all her unique working methods in polytherapy.

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NLP trainer and coach

Raido Rõivas

Raido Rõivas is an internationally certified NLP trainer and coach who has completed NLP courses in modern applied psychology. Raido has been applying the skills he has acquired in his work consistently for over 10 years.

In the form of masterminds, Raido has been conducting different thematic groups all over Estonia since 2009.
”I believe that a person has two options – to learn to deal with what is most necessary in a useful, pleasant and masterful way or to move as a victim on the path of inevitability. The environment has a huge influence on us, yet each person has the opportunity to develop skills and find the resources to bring the change they want into their lives.
Over the years, I have witnessed development-oriented teams and deliberate training programmes develop into people who successfully lead themselves and their results.
As a trainer, I am inspired by the opportunity to pass on experiences and knowledge that help to discover and use patterns of action that support the achievement of desired results, and to live a vibrant life.”
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Transpersonal Psychology Therapist and Shamanic Healer

Kärt Repnau

Kärt Naya Repnau is a shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist and spiritual guide. She has gained her knowledge and skills through extreme life lessons, but has also received teachings from various teachers and Guides through courses and trainings.


”I will support you on your Journey to Self, bring back your lost soul parts, clear and heal your energies, give you guidance and messages from Spirit, make you a personal amulet or power amulet, help you reach the answers that are within you, clear your or your home energies, or just be there for you when you need to talk yourself clear and bring clarity to yourself.

I am there for you in exactly the way you need me to be.”

Polytherapist and Shamanic Healer

Margit Manni

Polytherapist and Shamanic Healer

Indrek Kaine

Indrek has completed an in-depth course in Shamanism led by Maria, during which he found his life’s calling to be a healer. During his sessions, Indrek uses Matrix techniques in addition to shamanistic methods.

”I like to get to the core of the issues, after which I do healing practices with full dedication, constantly describing the process to ensure maximum understanding.

I welcome you with an open heart!”

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Counsellor and coach

Essi Vahtras

Essi is a mother of two who found her way into the world of therapy through personal emotional experience. She has now completed 2 years of polytherapy training at the Centre for Consciousness Therapy.

Her main areas of expertise are subconscious and childhood belief reprogramming, working with childhood trauma, guided journeys, therapeutic counselling, energetic clearing to release blockages (also as distance therapy), child and youth therapy and couples therapy.

”We can’t change our past and experiences, we can notice them, heal them, accept them and take each day as another opportunity to do things differently for the betterment of ourselves.

Every experience is worth experiencing and should bring you a healthier, happier life.”