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What is a psychological attack?
A psychic attack can be conscious or unconscious, a malicious desire (e.g. selfish curiosity) or energy directed at an object (e.g. an attack on you). Attacks can take place at many levels – personal, public, national, collective.

Who carries out the attacks?
1.Other people
Energy clashes (e.g. out of jealousy, revenge, comparisons with others), conflicts, resentment can occur between people, which are transferred to the other person. Let’s take the example of people who are going through a difficult period in their lives and feel emotionally drained, they (not all people of course!) may unconsciously start to manipulate the life force out of others in some way. This is not the case with everyone, but it can be the case with people who are not in touch with their true purest nature.

2. Energetic beings or consciousnesses
While a human consciousness is within the body, an energetic being exists simply as a consciousness.

3. Egregors
An egregor is formed by the aggregation of like-minded people who, through their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, create a common energetic system that begins to function as a separate consciousness, separate from those people. The egregor becomes a consciousness in its own right.

4. Dark Beings
They influence the human being in such a way that the human being experiences the experience negatively, i.e. the human being judges the event. He or she experiences the influence of the dark being as bad. The main purpose of the dark beings is to feed on the life force of humans.

How do they get to us?
Dark forces access us through our weak, vulnerable places in our energy field. The energy field is made vulnerable by negative thoughts, alcohol, drugs, addictions, fast food, but also by spitting, back-talking etc. The energy attacks of the dark forces also gain access to us if we do not control our own energy. Dark forces cannot attack us unless we let them.

At what point does a person encounter dark forces?
Actually, there are all kinds of forces everywhere. Dark forces may be masquerading in other people in ways that they themselves may not be aware of. If a person has let himself go very much emotionally and spiritually, he is an extremely easy puppet for dark forces. Dark forces have also disguised themselves in religions, spirituality, etc.. We come into contact with dark forces in every situation where we feel heavy emotions, addictions, temptations.

How do dark forces work?
The whole game is played on emotions, not only negative emotions but also extreme positive emotions that pull us out of our centre. When we are off centre, it is easier to influence us and get into our system. Emotions are a tool for the dark forces to take our life force, manipulate us and cheat the energy out of us.

How does the onslaught of dark forces make us feel and affect us? What are these signs?
They send temptations our way, and they do everything that makes us feel emotions (addictions, obsessions, fears, repetitive patterns, etc.). It is extremely easy to be influenced by dark forces through drugs, alcohol and sex if we are not at our centre. Symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, frightening dreams, health problems, mood swings, cravings or lack of appetite, addictions, fears, alien thoughts and visions.

What is the higher purpose/potential of the dark forces? Why are they here and what is their good side?
The world we live in is built on two forces – for example, good or bad, male or female, morning or evening, sun or moon, no or and, positive or negative or polar world, duality. Everything in the world is built on polarity. All the negative things in our lives also play a very important role. The dark forces activate our shadow, so they help us in self-awareness so that we finally learn to live in our centre and learn to control our energy. They bring attention to that area of our life that needs to be developed or a lesson learned. They guide us to get out of the victim mentality. We need to remember that everything happens for a reason and somehow we attract the influence of this dark force. But first of all, it is necessary to understand that it is a gift to us, and the dark forces are giving humanity this lesson on how to manage our energy and our lives, how to rise to a higher frequency. They are pointing out our weaknesses. If we did not experience these things, we would never become aware of our own power and potential!

How can you protect yourself, or what can you do if dark forces have already got hold of you?
1. A very good tip (if you know who is attacking you) is to write their name on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle, pour water over it and put the bottle in the freezer. This should be done as neutrally as possible, not wishing the person ill, but doing it with a good feeling, in order to protect yourself. Freezing will freeze that person’s energy so that their energy can no longer access you. You keep it cold until you have forgotten that the situation ever existed in your life.
2. Running water, taking a shower. Give a further command to cleanse your energy.
3. An effective tool is four days of black salt, salt with magical properties, you can buy it for example in a spell cellar. It is very effective for headaches etc..
4. Protection crystals

In addition to the above, one can protect oneself emotionally and spiritually by practicing gratitude, high frequency living, visualizing light and love, because dark forces do not detect love, light, high frequency. They want to run away and they can’t connect with you. Cultivating a sense of love in your heart (thinking of your child, husband or kitten, for example), so that the dark forces want to escape. Clean food also helps to keep the frequency up. As the dark forces feed on the vitality of human beings, they will not tolerate if a person engages with their own spirituality and starts to bring themselves into a higher frequency, because the person will open a channel of light within themselves and this is a threat to the dark forces.

How do you even know an attack is underway?
Often people will then feel severe headaches starting at the back of the head (this is the centre of psychic protection and it’s a very important place!). In addition, the person may experience extreme fatigue, pressure/bleeding in the third eye, vomiting, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, body aches, etc. (this is a very important centre of the attack).

What is signature vibration?
It is a person’s energetic fingerprint, the energetic frequency that is most specific to you, the energetic state of being in tune with your soul. It is a state of living with passion, when you are fully in touch with your life, with passion. When a person is in tune with the signature vibration, nothing sticks to them and they are invincible (life is flowing, you are successful, you achieve everything, you break through in life, etc.).

A few questions to ask yourself from time to time, and by answering them in writing, you can correct your signature vibration:
1. How often and why do I come into conflict with myself on a daily basis?
How often do I say yes, even though I want to say no? How often do I lie to myself or make a promise to myself that I don’t keep? How often do I do something I don’t really want to do, betray myself about something? How often do I not express my needs? Consciously track yourself for 5-7 days and write down everything that matters to you.
2. Which relationships contribute to me and which don’t?

This means looking at where the relationship is out of balance. You keep giving but it is not appreciated. You are serving another or other people with your strength. In such relationships, you don’t have to end the relationship, but you do have to become aware of your needs and learn to express them.
3. Which actions/decisions/choices are motivated by fear or love?
If they are out of love, you are in touch with your signature vibration, but if out of fear, you are off-centre and more easily influenced.
4. How often and when do I deny myself?
“Ah, that’s me, I can’t handle it.”, “I can’t, I don’t believe in myself.”. Putting myself down and mocking my own strength.

Answering these questions in depth and becoming aware of them will help create more balance in your life.